Ellie Goulding put on a raunchy display on Friday night as she stepped out in a black minidress, which exposed her pert derriere.

The On My Mind star looked incredible in the edgy ensemble, which was embellished with stars.

Daring enough from the front thanks to it's thigh skimming hemline, the dress became even sexier from behind as not only did it expose her entire back but her bottom too.

Splash Ellie Goulding rocks see-through dress with star details on night out in London
Ellie Goulding rocks see-through dress with star details on night out in London
WENN She's bringing sexy back
She's bringing sexy back

Ellie put her gym-honed body to full effect as she slipped into black shorts, under the sheer-overlay.

The singer was photographed in the racy outfit as she hit the Rosewood Hotel in London to party with friends, following her performance on TFI Friday earlier in the night.

Rex The star put her toned legs on display in the sexy outfit
The star put her toned legs on display in the sexy outfit

As well as performing new tracks from her album Delirium on the show, the star managed to nail the Maltesers game.

Ahead of her performances she was convinced to take part in the challenge - which sees a guest trying to catch the chocolate treat in their mouth after it's rolled down a tape measure.

Ellie Goulding during a live broadcast of "TFI Friday" on November 27, 2015 in London, England.

It only took a few attempts and some help from comedian John Bishop for her to ace the trick.


Fans have been waiting for new details of Rihanna’s highly anticipated new album, Anti. And it looks like the singer’s eighth studio album is set for release sometime soon.

Rihanna announced her upcoming world tour, according to Friday, Nov. 27 reports. She’s also expected to release her new album today. Rumors circulated that RiRi is expected to release Anti on Tidal Hifi and on Samsung phones via the Anti-Diary website, according to a report via Showbiz 411. The mysterious website requires you to unlock some of the videos that will help you crack the mystery of her elusive new album.

Rihanna previously promoted her upcoming album at the American Music Awards last Sunday night. In the new promotional deal, Samsung launched an exclusive interactive website for Anti, which is only accessible through Samsung smartphones. The series of ads released during Sunday night’s broadcast revealed very little details about Rihanna’s album. The ads feature a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, Rihanna posing in a series of shots, a cartoon version of Rihanna, and braille print that points fans to a promotional website: ANTIdiary.com.

Visitors who can access the site will see creepy photos of a white bedroom, stick figure drawings, and Rihanna walking through a room. In addition to Rihanna’s Black Friday release on Tidal, the Guardian also reported that her new album will be released to other streaming services on Dec. 4.

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for WESTBURY ROAD ENTERTAINMENT LLC)

Earlier this week, the pop star announced that she will be taking a global tour next year to promote Anti. Rihanna will begin her tour on Feb. 26 in San Diego, followed by 70 shows around North America and Europe before wrapping it up on Aug. 12 in Zurich, according to a report via AFP. Rihanna also revealed that her world tour will not be the same name as her album. The singer will be selling tickets for her tour exclusively for subscribers of Tidal, the streaming service started by rapper Jay Z.

Back in October, the New York Post revealed that Rihanna signed a $25 million deal with Samsung to help sponsor her album and her upcoming world tour. According to inside sources that spoke with the New York Post, Samsung will use the singer to promote its latest Galaxy phones and will give users to exclusive Rihanna-related content for its Milk Music radio service.

As fans continue to wait for Rihanna’s new album to drop, Yahoo accidentally published its fill-in-the-blanks review of Anti. The article actually included blank spaces, leaving room for specific details such as song titles to be inserted with the generic descriptions. The review quickly went viral on social media and made fans question if Rihanna’s album is really worth the wait.

So far, Rihanna hasn’t released any other new singles off her upcoming album. Earlier this year, she released “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Kanye West and Paul McCartney, “American Oxygen,” and the controversial video for “BBHMM.” The singer is releasing some new music, but with the help of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rih and Breezy are collaborating for his surprise new mixtape, Before The Party, which he released on Nov. 27.

Rihanna and Chris Brown worked together on the sexy new track called “Counterfeit.” The surprising new song also features Kelly Rowland and Wiz Khalifa. An insider told the Hollywood Life that Rihanna has been wanting to work with Chris Brown again.

“Rihanna wanted to be featured on Chris’ new album and do a collaboration with him. She’d be hurt if she wasn’t [on his new album].”

This isn’t Chris’ official new album. Royalty will be released on Dec. 18. The exes have previously collaborated on the songs “Put It Up” and “Birthday Cake,” off of Rihanna’s last album, Talk That Talk.

Are you looking forward to Rihanna’s Anti album and world tour? What are your thoughts on her new song with Chris Brown? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.]

Bassist of the successful American rock band Fall Out Boy explains how the band is collaborating with hip-hop artists and aiming to create music that appeals to both their casual and hardcore fans.

Entertainment hip hop artists punk-rock EP Pete Wentz Fall Out Boy American Beauty American Psycho Album Casual fans Ryan Adams Die-hard fans American Rock

"We still do need to make albums that are important and matter to us."

Full transcript below.

What's your relationship been like with streaming for your band, I mean you have millions and millions of play, you're not making the money you would if you were converting all those customers to paying customers, how do you feel about it? - Um, I like getting out music out there. Honestly, we're a band that existed in kind of both eras, we came in at the end of like the plac album era, and we have fans like, we honestly albums mean a lot to us, but when were just shooting our video a couple of weeks ago or a couple of months ago and there were like these little like thirteen year old, twelve year old kids in the video, and they were just talking about songs,
they didn't know the artists' name, they were just talking about songs, and that's how they like people that age consume music. Like my son, I have a seven year old and he listens to songs, he doesn't know artists, he wants playlists. - Does that scare you as an artist? - No, I mean because I think the minute it starts scaring you, you become the old man whos like get off my lawn! you know, or whatever, but at the same time it's like you have to like, us as band we need to appeal to our casual fans and then like our die-hard fans as well, so we still do need to make albums that are important and matter
to us. - And by the way American Beauty American Psycho was the last record and it's been a huge hit here on KROQ, you also then went back and did the album again with hip hop artists. - Yes. - Tell us about that because I was listening to a bunch of that last night, that missed me that that came out Pete, but some of those are awesome! - Oh thank you, yeah, I mean I think that, so what we did we decided when we started up again was that we were going to do things that were fun, and do things that were interesting and it still has to be kind of like an art project, and so like we did, last album we did an EP with
Ryan Adams, it was just a punk-rock EP and this time we were like, let's kind of take a left turn and so we, we went on and approached these hip-hop artists who to I think some of our fans who are under-ground maybe not to the you know, hip-hop community large, and we just gave everyone the stems and we're like you create the songs or we create the songs. I think that the most interesting thing is any time we do this, there's like a segment of our fan base that's like oh my god Fall Out Boy is becoming rappers! No we're not. - Just trying new things. - Yeah, totally. - So none of that was done with you guys doing playing
music together in a studio it was all after the fact? - It was all after the fact, we we, rather than trying to make it a cohesive thing by ourselves, we wanted to give it to each rapper and be like, however you would produce this is how we want it to come across.